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    Opta facts for our games

    Thought, since I have access to stats off the bat (these are widely accessible a few hours or so after the game), I could start a thread with key Opta facts for our games, post-match. Happy to lob them in the individual match threads if Mods want. Here they are for yesterday: Everton have now...
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    Press Conference Thread

    I think this is a good idea by @riddick Could this thread be used as a place for all press conference news etc to be discussed? The pressers are getting scheduled on YouTube in the days before, so we can put the timings up when we have them? Obviously, down to how the mods ( @Groucho...
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    Manchester City Centre Pubs Showing The Game

    Gonna be stuck in Manchester this evening, any Blues based in the area know of anywhere decent that will be showing the game tonight? Preferably around the Oxford Road area - there's a Spoons nearby but doubt it'll show it.
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    Calling GOT's United Fans

    Hey everybody, I'm currently a trainee sports reporter doing a course in Manchester. As part of the course we have all been given a 'patch' - a local club to cover - for an online newspaper Mancunian Matters (the 2nd biggest in the are after MEN). Myself and another trainee have been given...
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    Which Two Strikers...

    *mods please feel free to merge if needed It looks like 4th is a long shot now unless Arsenal really mess up in the next few weeks. As inconsistent as Lukaku has been this season, I think the negatives out way the positives in regards to signing him, for the right price (18-20m). He's young...
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    Dusan Tadic

    Couldn't find a thread dedicated to him, but if there is then I apologise in advance. Brilliant performance in the No.10 role for Serbia tonight. Sharp, incisive passing that ripped Ireland open several times and led to Serbias 2 goals. The perfect player for us (as a few -myself included -...
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