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  1. Shibbywiggles

    Donny’s Face is Boss

    Have we talked about the face expressions Donny pulls after he kicks a ball yet? Because I think it’s a thing everyone needs to be aware of. And it think it makes me love him more What a guy
  2. Shibbywiggles

    Top 4 Champions League Race

    With all the focus at the moment being on unsavoury hatred from that lot about Pickford’s clumsy challenge I thought we needed a different topic so who else believes we can make the top 4 this season? Five games into the season and we’re top of the league, won four and drawn one. Long way to go...
  3. Shibbywiggles

    Man City Banned From Europe

    Just breaking now, Man City banned for 2 years from European competition... Extra space for us to take advantage of? Potentially a fire sale we could benefit from?
  4. Shibbywiggles

    The Worst Season I’ve EVER Endured

    I’ll start the post with a few points about me. I’m 29 so I’ve never seen us win anything and I live down south so don’t go to that many games but I’ve seen every minute of every game this season live and mostly whilst also being in the matchday thread here. My Dad is the only other Evertonian...
  5. Shibbywiggles

    Players You Forgot Played For Everton

    Jesper Blomqvist! Heard his name on the radio the other day related to Man Utd and it took me days remember he played for us for a season! Wikipedia tells me 15 times as well! Who else have we had over the years that we've completely forgotten about?
  6. Shibbywiggles

    The Best Quotes From Everton Players/Staff

    Firstly, it's important that anyone who isn't sad enough to trawl through 140 odd pages of (mostly) rubbish sees this quote from our new signing- "Niasse is strong, Niasse is tall. If nothing's going right, give Niasse the ball and he won't let you down. What other forwards can do, Niasse can...
  7. Shibbywiggles

    Two CDMs at home against the lesser teams?

    After every game in recent memory where we've failed to break down a stubborn defence the question was always asked 'why do we play with two defensive midfielders every game?'. It seems only fair that after 10 goals in the last two home matches with Barry and McCarthy playing both we ask the...
  8. Shibbywiggles

    433 genius!

    Martinez with a tactical masterclass today. Naismith through the center with Mirallas cutting in from the left and Lukaku cutting in from the right was ingenious! How nice is it to have a manager with tactical flair, willing to take a risk and try something different in the big matches?
  9. Shibbywiggles

    Martinez+money+Lukaku+bossness overload

    Read this everyone. Tell me you're not ridiculously excited.
  10. Shibbywiggles

    Ferguson- "Six Teams In Title Race This Year" Sir Alex with a delightful bit of popcorning here. When I read the title of this interview, like I'm sure you did, I assumed we would be the team he didn't name check...
  11. Shibbywiggles


    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but I for one am delighted at the level of communication we are receiving from Martinez. Last night the rumour came out that we had bid for McCarthy and of course we were worried that this could mean Fellaini was on his way out. First thing...
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