2021/22 Andre Gomes


Player Valuation: £70m
I can’t wait for him to leave just so I don’t have to read this myth about him being amazing before his injury ever again.

That and “oh he can pick a pass if no one goes anywhere near him”

Genuinely baffled to read that someone thought the injury took a year out of his career before, that’s what the brainwashing in this thread has done to people.


Player Valuation: £60m
Won't indulge in hatred of the lad as he genuinely seems to be of good character.

However he is just not up to scratch and clearly never will be in this league. Hopefully he can move on in the summer and find some form in a different environment.
I'm a good lad but i'm not on 100k a week playing like a slug, so its one of them isn't it.

He can go and be a good lad elsewhere, we are not a charity


Player Valuation: £70m


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