2022/23 Anthony Gordon


Player Valuation: £90m
I see a freak athlete that just happens to be taller than everyone. You see an above average athlete which in no way has the capacity to learn how to use his advantages. Being fast can't be trained. Being tall and fast can't be coached

Wrangling those talents behind good coaching can be taught.
It can be taught. You can also be Adama Traore.

I'd rather take the money and buy a few players and hope one of them can be the guy Gordon may or may not be in a few years.


Player Valuation: £90m
The Adama Traore response was expected.

It's a damn shame he didn't have better teachers.
He's far from the only one but he's the best example if you're talking truly freaky athletes.

I even look at someone like Walcott, yeah he ended up having a solid career, but we're talking one of the faster players ever at this level and he didn't get a whole lot better from the level he was at early on in his career.


Player Valuation: £90m
If that's true why hasn't de- Jong come out and say he doesn't want to go to United? It's out of the players hands mate when it's between two clubs. Contract's don't mean a thing.

He doesnt need to. Its public knowledge that he doesnt want to leave. Its also well known that Barca owe him millions, he wants that before moving.

You are saying Gordon doesnt want to leave. His agent or himself can easily make a public statement...brief the media or suchlike.

This hasnt been done. Its clear theyre inviting the approach.

It's irrelevant. We are not in the championship.

His record is 1 goal in 47 games and hes older than Gordon.

I couldn't care less what he does in the championship. To date hes not shown what hes done in the premiership hasnt been anything special.

Then its irrelevant what any young player has done outside of the premiership.

Gordon = All effort and desire, some nice play and intelligent runs. No end product.

Gibbs White = Destroyed the championship.

Thats where we are. Theres no way of knowing who will be better but MGW showed a wide range of end product in the division below.

100% agree. The only things in our favour though are that Wolves probably need to sell someone to cover the Nunes fee apparently and MGW only has 2 years left on his deal and isn't signing a new one, so who knows.

I actually think the lad looks decent but £35m for a player with one good season in the Championship seems insane to me.

£35mil seems a huge amount. £25mil seems a reasonable deal with upside to sell at a profit or a small loss in future.

But then you look at Gordon at £50mil and every deal looks like a head scratcher.

The valuations mean that Garner looks like a bargain at £14mil compared to Gordon.

He's only performed in the championship lile MGW (as @catcherintherye correctly says) but both of those players together come in at less than Gordon.

Makes no sense to me.


Player Valuation: £1.5m
No, he wasn't.

There's been no formal offer, it's been talks, that's it.

You are doing exactly what certain parties want you to do. Getting angry with the player when all this is, is business.

If he goes, he goes and we get a great fee for him. If he stays, he stays and we have a talented player on our hands. Don't get angry.
Contact was offered 4 weeks ago & has been on the table since that's a fact


Welcome to Barcelonaton FC
yes but that would still likely leave us without a striker for the weekend mate so I think the club should be - and it seems like they are - working on other deals in the meantime.

There'd be nothing to stop us going out and getting another two attacking players of higher quality/potential if we sold Gordon, even if we did get in say an Adams or Maupay this week (just two examples based on reports in the last few days)

Been the case the past 2 weeks re a striker.

The way the window is open into the season and how it's effected us...the games are becoming secondary


Player Valuation: £1.5m
Looking like ANOTHER Mr 27 Years special and carbon copy of the Rooney Crown Jewels deal. Rinse, Repeat until this Train Set Chairman Goes !!
Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and Kenwright is out of this club, a chairman so egotistical he has to have his media cohorts protect him no matter how much harm he does to the club he professes to love

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