2022/23 Anthony Gordon


Player Valuation: £90m
This is a carbon copy of Rooney situation. Sacrificial lam to appease the financial stability gods
We don't need to sell so it's not like it at all. Richarlison was the player we needed to sell (well, we just needed to sell a player for big money by June 30th and it happened that he was the one a team wanted).

It's just sensible business if Chelsea come in with an insane offer mate. We do this all the time as fans. We decry why we don't do business like Brighton but then when a possiblity to do what they do comes along we get precious.

There doesn't need to be a good or bad guy in any of this. Not the club, not Gordon. If Chelsea do come in with an offer that matches our valuation, and we decide to sell, it's just business, and at the fee quoted it would be incredibly good business.


One man's wage rise, is another man's price rise
We need a decision on this by the next game so we know our budget.
We need it settled to keep the team settled and avoid some sort of repeat of (the man city bound) Lescott's first game of the season Vs Arsenal.

£40, 45, 50M may benefit us  Next week before the deadline slams shut

But a settled player, team and the hoped for 3pts may benefit us more come next May.


Player Valuation: £50m
I can't speak for everyone, but I don't think we should sell him because of his two games this season, I think we should sell him because in the 50 odd games he's played he's scored 4 goals most of which were deflected, hardly got any assists and they are offering 40-50m.

This should buy someone who comes in straight away and instantly doubles that goal return

Said it before in this thread.

They paid the same for sterling who is in his prime and is the same type of player that Gordon could but probably will never become. He was also signed of a rival teams

50m is outstanding for Gordon imo


Player Valuation: £35m
If he does actually want to stay and does end up staying, it possibly brings an added level of pressure for him to deal with - will people now be looking at his performances and comparing them to an actual £40m+ player?
I think players have to learn to deal with that. they are well paid nowadays to do so. once a Player is working hard at everton then I think the match going fans support them. online its abit different as in all walks of life. I'd love to see him stay if he wants to and become a big success. if he goes we need to add pace to the side with someone new who will also cost abit with the added pressure of living up to that transfer fee


Player Valuation: £150m
All these people wanting Chelsea to take our best talent.

What's it all for if you have to be in that position?

Sell Gordon and get two rubbish strikers in and an ageing Gueye.


I'm beginning to think we should have taken the drop and clear the whole club out from top to bottom. It's what it needs. Root and branch.


Player Valuation: £80m
We need a decision on this by the next game so we know our budget.

You cant recruit efficiently if you aren't sure if another 50m might land into your budget. You need clarity but we haven't much time.

If he's in the team on Saturday I think we should just move on. Don't entertain offers after that, this late on.
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