Black Sunday


Player Valuation: £950k
I fondly remember losing the cup final, getting knocked out in a few semis and finishing 4th once. It was great.
When you say it like that it does make you realise how lucky we all are. I'm going to write to Blue Bill and thank him for the last 30 years. I particularly enjoyed the great season where we finished 4th on 61 points and a negative goal difference. Pretty much any other season we would have finished around 6th or possibly even lower. But quite rightly we should celebrate that great achievement for such a plucky little underdog of a club. Good time indeed! ;)


Player Valuation: £70m
Don't want to jinx it, obviously, but I'm seriously thinking of putting a bet on a Liverpool title & Everton relegation double to at least soften the blow financially. Apparently you can still get good money on that.
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