Carlise tickets.

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You did ask to bring back the terraces.We'll also be getting the corner of the stand.


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Been to a few Carlisle matches, (moved to Cumbria a few years back), good little ground. A good friend of mine is a Carlisle fan so looking to sort a ticket for the home end but would prefer an away ticket, so curious to see if more knowledgeable think it will go to general sale.


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Are these likely to go to general sale? Want to take my lad to his first away game.

A good indication is the ticket criteria:

Season Ticket holders with 5+ away credits from the 2015/16 season from Thursday 21 January at 8.00am.
Season Ticket holders with 4+ away credits from the 2015/16 season from Friday 22 January at 8.00am.

If tickets remain a further announcement will be made on Monday 25 January at 9.00am.

Whenever they say "if tickets remain" that usually suggests that they don't expect tickets to be left after that point. So I reckon they're expecting it to sell out to STH with 4+ based on the info they have on number of matches attended by each fan.
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