Confirmed Signing Conor Coady

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Player Valuation: £8m
He had a good game there the other day but I definitely think Holgate might see a massive uptick in form and confidence playing next to two leaders in Tarkowski and Coady. He might have a breakout season in his own right now with these two experienced captains in the club. That's what we've failed at for so long, we put promising young players next to crap and they have no one to learn from. Holgate isn't incredibly young or anything but he's never had a consistent partner in the back line, same for Godfrey. We're seemingly doing the same for Onana with Gana sitting in next to him.

Let's hope this team can grow and evolve with the experience and ability these lads will all bring.


Player Valuation: £225k
Coady: “l'll give absolutely everything, every day, for this football club. I feel privileged and lucky to be given this opportunity.

“I’II try to talk and communicate as much as possible and prepare right for what's to come at the weekend – because the most important thing for this club is winning games.

“We want to sure we're going out and making supporters happy and improving the Club at the same time.

“I'm someone who was desperate to come here, to play for this club."


Player Valuation: £150k

Not open for further replies.
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