Confirmed Signing Conor Coady

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Player Valuation: £5m
Lampard does seem to be a good motivator. Add Iwobi to Holgate as another player who's had a resurgence under him.

As I said in the McNeil thread, we've tried signing deluxe players over the past few years and we've looked awful.
Perhaps signing a few no frills players who'll get stuck in, graft and fight in adversity at the core is what we need . It served Moyes well.

With Onana and Gueye seemingly nearly across the line, if we make an astute signing in the forward position then my optimism for the season will increase a fair bit*

*until Coutinho puts them 1-0 up 90+7 :hayee:
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Player Valuation: £225k
We all know that Tarkowski and Coady are never going to win games for us but they will stop us losing as many as we did last season. Frank has definitely prioritised making Everton harder to beat. Hopefully there's a little something left in the transfer kitty to go out and get someone that can help us win games.

In Frank we trust.


Player Valuation: £50m
It'll be interesting to see how Pickford adapts to Coady as they both like to be the distributors from the back.

One to watch that.

Do feel that Pickford kicks too often, I mean I understand when your playing the likes of Chelsea, Man City an Liverpool. But as we aquire better players more comfortably on the ball would like us to play out from the back especially against the smaller teams.


Player Valuation: £8m
Just what we need having lost 2 defenders on Saturday. Really surpising that Wolves have moved him on. He's been a real mainstay of their side a long time.

On a side note a lad who sits a few rows behind me in GT4 hammers him for being a 'wool' all game every game whenever we've played Wolves. Not sure he'll be too pleased with this acquisition!
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