Dave Watson.

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My favourite Dave Watson story is from Southall's brilliant autobiography.
94-95 season, Mike Walker is manager and we've just been beaten 4-0 away at City.
Walker accuses the players of not being fit enough.

Waggy stood up to him.

'Listen you twa - [rhymes with bat]. If you don't sign some fu-- [rhymes with cooking] players you're going to get us relegated.'

'I know what I'm doing doing', he answered.

'No you f#@£!ng idiot. Sign some players.'

Paul E

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Totally unfair and simplistic comment on Mina to be honest.
He was desperate to get back on the pitch yesterday despite being obviously injured(the incident happened directly in front of me yesterday and I had an excellent view of the proceedings.
Mina is clearly injury prone but he is not lacking commitment to Everton.
Everton legend was Watson ( but I preferred Mountfield and was gutted when Watson replaced him.
'Desperate' all the times below?



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I always remember this. When john fashanu was asked who the toughest centre back was in the league at the time he replied the two boys at Everton. Watson and keown. I hit them hard but they dont flinch and hit me back just as hard.
I was once at a company event and Fashanu was the guest speaker.The RS next to me asked him which was the best team he had ever played against and was thoroughly gobsmacked when he answered (instantly) with ”mid eighties Everton”
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