Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £70m
It's still way too high. I don't mind Tarkowski at all but he is a Craig Dawson style signing who would be on Baresi style money.
That’s not remotely “Baresi style money”

I don’t know that I’d give Tarkowski £90k (though I guess you have to factor in the lack of fee), but it’s not top tier money anymore


Player Valuation: £5m

Haha yeah ok

I definitely don't believe that figure. If we're selling Mina I could understand putting aside that wage for a new CB (supposedly what Mina is on) but it can't be for Tarkowski, that would be mad. I would be fine with him as our Keane replacement, but only because I think he's a significant improvement and would be on a free.

Sell Keane and Mina, Tarkowski replaces Keane and a better CB replaces Mina. That'd do fine.


Player Valuation: £70m
Our creativity was really really bad. I know we don't have any defenders or midfielders either but for me it isn't an area to ignore if the right deal is there.

Thats a seperate point mate, but yes our creativity wasn't great, and Gordon has to improve end product and Gray consistency.

I suppose I wouldn't be prioritising a winger, unless they were better than what we have. There's no point adding more of the same. Like Gordon and Gray (working on the premise Richarlison grows) are decent, Gordon has potential to be better than that. Hudson Odoi fits that criteria though. He could be exceptional.

Tony’s Carp

Player Valuation: £10m
he's nearly 30 ffs. 120k a week. We will be back in the relegation spots by signing relegated teams players.
Not all relegated players are equal, it’s the most competitive league in the world and very good players get relegated all the time. Burnley were top half on goals conceded, defence absolutely wasn’t their problem.


Player Valuation: £8m
We definitely need more technical players who are good on the ball, allan and doucoure are midfielders who don't like the ball and have relatively poor passing for a midfielder. Since James and digne left, we've lacked players who are good on the ball and create killer balls for our forwards to score from.
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