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Baileys perm

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Sick to the pit of my stomach after that!
We were the better team and on top the crowd and atmosphere was amazing then the ref / var not doing their job by by the rules of the game ruined it again, ref looking right at the shirt pull from a few yards away gives sweet FA them gives a red card for an incident that was should have been irrelevant had he done his job properly 30 seconds earlier, then our penalty awarded but bottle on the punishment of the Brentford player who was on a yellow should be 2nd and red, there corner from were I sit I thought it was a goal kick maybe I wrong but they scored from there. Factor in to today the man city non handball and a lot more and im starting to seriously think there IS CORRUPTION going on and the script is written before a ball gets kicked to keep the order of play and the TV money advertising money rolling in on the cash cow of the premier league. I can take getting beat by another team just can't take getting beat by the officials who don't answer to no body for the wrongs they make and either can't or won't acknowledge the basic rules of the game,


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You could tell today how much we missed delph gomes isn’t up to the pace and either allan isn’t fit or he doesn’t rate him anymore


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I only watched the highlights.

Bad play there from Branthwaite, not going to hate on him, but it was extremely clumsy. Secondly its way too early to get sent off....

And from there I pretty much knew the game was over.

Rondon challenge is reckless and foolish, that's probably his last game for the club.

All round another waste of a potential 3 pts just like the rest of the season.


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...I think we could have seen this out, or made a far better fist of it than this, had we been braver in our second half approach and been quicker to make changes when required (most notably taking an obviously knackered Gordon off).
This in a nutshell.
Forget The Reff, forget VAR, forget Branthwaites inexperience, forget ALL the first half

We went in winning with 10 men.

Remember that, it will pop up later (as the teachers sometimes said - this Will be in the Exam)

Plenty wondered how long it would be before Brentfords 1st half yellows became reds.
...and so did Farke.

But he did something - He won it by changing things.

We were winning at HT - Lampard lost it by doing too little too late.
Gomes was dogpoo poor after10 mins and was lucky to last the 45, never mind well into the 2nd half.

Farke went 452 and took off one of his red cards in waiting, then said to Eriksen just sit and boss it - and he did.
Once it became evident...and it was very evident, it should've been Gomes off at 50mins, Kenny on - just sit on Eriksen.
Lampard did nothing
DCL wasn't in it 2nd half.
Lampard did nothing* - not for the first time

*not sure how fit some of the bench were tbh which doesn't help


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In case you haven't noticed in recent weeks, rank BAD decisions DO change games.

A penalty given and converted against Man City would in all likelihood given us a point.

A penalty at Analfield and converted at 0-0 would certainly have changed the dynamic of the game completely.

A penalty given at 1-0 and converted, with the subsequent non-sending off whould have changed the momentum of the gam with 11 v 11, and we likely would have gone on to score another one or two.

All of the above are not smokescreens, they are blatant injustices, unforgiveable wrong decisions that have gone against us. Is it any wonder that the players heads go down somewhat when that kind of crap occurs continually...?
And add to that the crazy sending off of Allan against Newcastle for a trip on an opposing player in that player's own half.

Bkk Andy

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Feeling utterly deflated today. We're still favourites to stay up but it's difficult to remove the negativity after that.

Lampard showed his naivety by not making changes at half-time. We were being overrunn before the penalty and should have expected the same after. I can't for the life of me work out why Gomes got a game. I thought he was done here.


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Normally I find fault in our performances but I genuinely don't think we did anything wrong today, it was stolen from us.

Branthwaite made a silly error, but he's 19 and Toney knew what he was doing. He's a senior pro so that's fine, but the referee should know better. Rondon got penalised for something I've seen others do countless times.

The less said about some of their fouling, the better. Michael Oliver is meant to be the best ref in the country, isn't he? Not on today's performance.

Atmosphere was great and the players were up for it. I can't complain, other than the fact we have 0 points from it, rather than 3 or at least 1, which is the least we deserved.


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In my relatively early time as an Evertonian, I must say that this one is hurting the most. There have been some heart breaks but this one stings. After we went up 1-0, I looked at my wife and I told her that I thought we had them. The crowd was up for it and the players too. Goodison sounded like a loud, steady heart beat. I'm afraid this game may be discussed amongst Evertonians for a long time. I'm going to try and sleep this one off. Tomorrow is a new day and we have to turn up for Crystal Palace, which I think we will. UTFT

kiss the crest

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Toney was better. I’d say immense if he scored a hat trick or peppered the goal. DCL managed to actually have a goal credited to him without ever remotely looking like scoring.
It was the Brentford supporter who quoted the word immense, however once Branthwaite got sent off we never looked like scoring as a team, but DCL constantly gave their defence a hard time on scraps
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