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Your Everton MOTM vs Crystal Palace

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Player Valuation: £6m
What a result! We showed that we are a club that cannot be beaten on our own ground when our fans are up for it.

Dunno what happened with Vieira and I don’t care, but the biggest takeaways for me tonight are that we can do anything we put our mind to at home and Andre Gomes is not physically up to playing in a PL midfield. Dele Alli was a game changer simply by replacing Gomes


Player Valuation: £100m
From being the most split and detached fanbase from the club to what we have witnessed the last few weeks has been nothing more than miraculous
A massive thanks should go to them fan groups for organising the pre match welcomes

That's why the appointment of Lampard was smart. He's someone people can warm to, and that's what we needed after the Benitez debacle. We weren't getting out of this while the club was at war with itself.


Player Valuation: £5m
Being in relegation is shameful, but why should we not celebrate survival?

Go nuts everyone. Bloomin enjoy it for we have suffered this year.

This fan base is magic and deserves to celebrate.

I also hope Frank stays. He has not always got it right, but there is something about him. I think he has fallen in love with us and who can blame him?
We have allowed people to forget what

a massive, majestic club this is, can you imagine if we were successful? Ffs

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