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Your Everton MOTM vs Crystal Palace

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Andy McGurk

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I purposefully played football tonight, so I didn't have to think about tonight, I said to a mate "if I run around like a nutter tonight, hopefully that energy will manifest its way on a spiritual plain to the Everton players"

My team lost but i think it worked

Btw, these games are always Thursday and Sunday evenings so unless we're in Europe this won't work everytime


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New desktop photo for my computer, beer, music blaring, and a lovely evening on my deck. Cheers all. UTFT!


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Right, now is the time to start reshaping the club. Hopefully Bill Kenwright will resign tomorrow morning. Time to start allowing the Director of Football and the manager to make all the decisions in regard to footballing matters. We preformed the great escape tonight please don't let us have to go through this again.
You are very funny.
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