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Your Everton MOTM vs Leicester

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This could well be the game that relegate us. We'll get smashed against the RS and Burnley have 2 very winnable home games. Bottom 3 at the weekend and we won't get out


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These players just go through the motions hoping something will happen it is pointless even having a manager all he can do is make subs just random nothingness only hope here is to stay in the game these get tired and hope something does happen

II McColl II

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Horrible half.

Defence is too deep, needs the leader at the back to be berating them to push up and be brave but there in lies the issue when the leader Coleman is the one setting the deep line as he doesn't trust his legs to get caught out.

The goal the blame will go to Mykolenko from most fans but you literally see in the replay he wants to push wide and Godfrey just refuses to pick up the spare man, does the same after Mykolenko reacts meaning Allan and Delph get dragged over and Godfrey still just marks no one but space.

Plain and simple we're just bad, can't keep the ball, no neat interplay (that corner at the end was the best passing move we did all half which sums us up)

Going to need Leicester falling off a cliff second half just to get a draw.
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