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Your Everton MOTM vs Leicester

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Horrible half.

Defence is too deep, needs the leader at the back to be berating them to push up and be brave but there in lies the issue when the leader Coleman is the one setting the deep line as he doesn't trust his legs to get caught out.

The goal the blame will go to Mykolenko from most fans but you literally see in the replay he wants to push wide and Godfrey just refuses to pick up the spare man, does the same after Mykolenko reacts meaning Allan and Delph get dragged over and Godfrey still just marks no one but space.

Plain and simple we're just bad, can't keep the ball, no neat interplay (that corner at the end was the best passing move we did all half which sums us up)

Going to need Leicester falling off a cliff second half just to get a draw.
They do not play as a team. There is no mutual understanding. There is no fight or pride. They are a disgrace to this Club. Lampard is not the cause of this years long mess


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Some here wanted that the fat Man U alcoholic gets the job! LOL. You know my grandma is available! She could do it for half a million!
Rooney got some sad personal problems but at least shows less ego than Frank. Happy to admit he uses the Derby job to keep him occupied, not as a delusional ego-trip. We need to recruit a decent, experienced manager come the end of the season, not a trophy name just because he's mates with all those awful "golden generation" pundit mafia.


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Everton not mobile enough in centre midfield shock….. we need legs because Mendy espedially has as much time as he wants to circulate the ball. Gray has been anonymous again and then greedy. come on blue boys, time to start getting in to these!!

Yeah Delph looking 2 yards off the pace. Got away with against the lazy mancs and did well.
Rest of the team only a yard off the pace!
Keep believing :)


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I don't really speak the language so I'm assuming the voiceovers on these adverts for the Kardashian's in Hong Kong are just saying stuff like "Both Kim and Kylie Kardashian" would be a better midfield tandem for Everton tonight.


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We had a great chance and missed it mate. Their goal was a yet another mixture of poor defending and luck. It's not like Leicester have created anything. But we don't look dangerous in the slightest. Neither do they.
We have huffed and puffed but no real quality in our attacking play, how has Richy missed that chance? He has missed so many guilt edged chances this season its like he is doing on purpose, obviously I know he isnt but where is this quality we thought he had?
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