Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Funny how we still managed to pick up points and now we cant?!?

Funny that! Get a grip, Benitez is useless, end of!
Get a grip, do one you melt!

Anchelotti legged us soon as he knew the shambles we were.

Koeman a joke, Martinez a joke, Silva a joke, Allerdyece done his job but still got slated by the fans so who’s a joke there.

Benitez inherited this shambles and now his whole spine of the teams gone after spending 1 mil and all of a sudden it’s all his fault.

Your part of the problem you melt, get a grip!
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Did Rondon actually play? Should never have anyway. Delph should have been in the middle. Not hindsight, everyone was saying it. Gave them the freedom of the Park. Look how far he was from Gray when he scored. 20 yards behind
Rondon did ok, his run created the space for gray for our goal.
He held the ball up a few times, won the ball pressing a few times, he did well defensivley as well.


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ok, might not improve much but cant get any worse and might bring a bit of unity back.
It's dismal watching benitez constantly make the wrong choices and watching the team crumple like a wet paper bag.
This is pretty much the same side that was second this time last year.

Not saying we shouldn't sack him....I just don't think that's enough....just like the 2nd half of last season we cant handle a few injuries because our squad is so thin...and while other clubs strengthened in the summer we definitely went backwards...


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No chance...

Our run 2 points from 24

Arsenal have won against Norwich, Burnley, Spurs, Villa, Leicester, Watford and Newcastle. Drawn with Brighton and Palace. Lost just to The RS.

One defeat in 10, 23 points from 30. Absolute polar opposites....
Results don't predict future results.

Arsenal are well better than us though. We've got to be up for it.


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If the chairmen has no sway, isn’t a presence in any decision making, what’s the point then?

I don’t know about you guys but I’d like a chairman who is effective, who can help and play a part to make a better run club.

It beggars belief. No wonder we get mocked and laughed at.


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….given Mina isn’t a regular Benitez selection, there’s only Dominic Calvert-Lewin missing now.

Since @davek said the Reds were flakey & their season would die away, I think they’ve won without breaking sweat.

That’s the big point with old Evertonians like me, as soon as somebody like @davek writes them off you know it’s the kiss of death. He did it last season when they lost at OT and he said they wouldn’t qualify for the CL. His heart is in the right place, but I wish @davek wouldn’t be so stupid, there’s something weird about that club.

i find it annoying. Please, please don’t write them off.
WTF has that got to do with a derby and WTF has it got to do with Liverpool being prone to the type of slump City and Chelsea wont have?

You;re a bit clueless tbf.

Papa Shango

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Part of the problem is that he does. He has a say in things, gets involved in things , he never left the club and never had any control taken from him.

Even at the expense of brands job , there's big blue bill never letting go.
He had control taken. There is no way on earth he would have been happy appointing Benitez. Not a chance.

He is an easy (and somewhat valid) target whilst the principle architect of this mess gets away scot free because he is "building us a stadium".

His ownership has been an utter disaster so far.
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