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Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Noble Savage

Player Valuation: £15m
Board needs to come out and back him or sack him.
I suspect after tonight and the displeasure shouted out at Saint Bill I suspect RB will be thrown to the media wolves .
I want everyone to go but Benitez will be getting a tiny amount of pity which he can take to the bank with his millions of compo while Bill the storyteller and Brands will be stuck in their offices till after Xmas .


Player Valuation: £750k
Just terrible. I would sack the entire team except Gray, Richy, Doucs, Dominic Calvert-Lewin. This really is a dark dark point and im genuinely scared about relegation now.


Player Valuation: £35m
Get a grip, do one you melt!

Anchelotti legged us soon as he knew the shambles we were.

Koeman a joke, Martinez a joke, Silva a joke, Allerdyece done his job but still got skated by the fans so who’s a joke there.

Benitez inherited this shambles and now his whole spine of the teams gone after spending 1 mil and all of a sudden it’s all his fault.

Your part of the problem you melt, get a grip!
Same players that got 59 points last season with the addition of Gray and Townsend but did not have a run as bad as this (Worst in 22 years as pointed out) or as bad as this will get... That`s just facts, carry on flinging names though to support your view.

Ghost Rider

Player Valuation: £8m
He had control taken. There is no way on earth he would have been happy appointing Benitez. Not a chance.

He is an easy (and somewhat valid) target whilst the principle architect of this mess gets away scot free because he is "building us a stadium".

His ownership has been an utter disaster so far.
Don't kid yourself. Bill is very much involved with footballing matters at the club. He might not be in total control but plenty has came out that he still gets involved with transfers for example.

As much as we can blame brands for the players brought , bill has been there as well involved.

Worst thing moshiri ever did was keep him around. Then again, billvdid hand pick his replacement for a reason.
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