Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Player Valuation: £50m
Fully agree Fladbury end in a forum shake of hands I know he aint the issue I'm just fed up, I'm 33 spent my whole twenties and before travelling home and away, tattoos etc before realising what's the point haha l, I takenl it too personally sometimes even in these years of me "quitting", good debate your not wrong and a sober me would disagree with me but I'm just blaaaa

I remember the skint years under moyes and to think 600 million would be spent in the next ten years and for what all wasted and irs even worse as we have no no heart none of the players care. Just painful
Anyway I'm off to bed grrrrr what a night , apologise again just grrrrrr
Ah mate I’m 33 too. Live down south but get up to Goodison a few times a season, 9 hour round trip… last game was Watford this season…
Not easy mate, I get you


Player Valuation: £40m
Best thing about tonight, is that game is out of the way, 99% of the time we are dire in the derby, I don’t enjoy it and I have absolutely no confidence we will get anything from it. Last year we beat them, empty ground when they had a poor run, they were bad we were better Imo that was a lucky result. Tonight is just another poor one to add to the list, hopefully some day something will click with this Everton side, but I have been waiting a very long time now.


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Gray gave a good account of himself and Godfrey stuck at it.

The rest you really wouldn't be able to put up an argument for any of them.

Looked like a league 1 side tonight, not even a championship side

Spot on though id add Doucoure / Richarlison as 'trying' with the ineptitude around them.

Weve got good players surrounded by dross.

Ghost Rider

Player Valuation: £8m
Worst thing Moshiri did was come here. Second was appoint Benitez, third was appoint Allardyce.

I haven't even got to him dishing out racist comments to our best players mum yet.

Blokes an idiot.
It's hard to defend , it really is. The fact they are building the stadium is the only saving factor with Farhad. If we didn't have shovels in the ground , you could argue we really are worse off now than before he arrived.

Martinez finished us 11th/12th in his last season and despite the millions spent , we are still there.

Only Everton could have a billionaire owner and not go anywhere.

Blues Harp

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I’m not sure who I should hate folks.

I’ve seen that I should hate the manager because he’s a ‘fraud’, and I’ve seen that Brands caused the 3rd goal, and I’ve even read on Twitter that Coleman should be turned into glue which I thought was slightly harsh.

Who are the cool kids hating on tonight?
🤔🤔Cool kids mate?
Oh dear...
Remember Gordon Lee?
Benny ballssck makes him look good...
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