Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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I think the match itself will be the sideshow. I think it's evident now all eyes will be on the halfway line and director's box. The long expected explosion of toxicity will begin when they scored their first.
Don’t think they’ll even turn up - the directors box will be empty.


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I will sit in a darkened room and watch narcos on Netflix, it's very good. I am getting to old for all the stress .


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Really need Mina back for me.

He allows us to play 5 at the back and that means Coleman has cover and Digne can get more forward.

I think it's too soon for DCL which is a huge blow but Richarlison back up top with Doucoure, Gray and Gordon behind gives us pace, strength and creativity.

Allan and Delph in the middle to help out the defence.

Coleman - Godfrey - Mina - Keane - Digne
Gray - Delph - Doucoure - Gordon

Goodison will be toxic and those cünts coming won't help but hopefully a few hard challenges and fight, that crowd will turn.

Last Chance Saloon for Benitez and The Board
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