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Player Valuation: £35m
We go again . Things have gone a little south the last few days after a positive start.
When the team sheet for villa was seen it was hard to remain positive. Richy , Coleman, pickford joining dcl on the injury list .
James still absent and a 3 nil loss didn't help.
Tonight's cup defeat on pens certainly hasn't helped the mood and a lot of heads are falling off.
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So Saturday then. Norwich who have lost their last 15 premier league games rock up to goodison. What could possibly go wrong!
With us still missing key players it will not be straightforward.. keep a clean sheet and we should have enough. But that looks like it will be hard to achieve given the personel available.
So 3 points is needed for a lot of reasons.
Keep the faith. And UTFT.
I think we all have a suspicion about what could quite easily go wrong!


Player Valuation: £2.5m
They've had a horrible run of fixtures and predictably lost them all so far.

Just beaten by our city rivals' weakened team in the cup.

Rock up to Goodison at the weekend and probably turn us over 1 or 2-0 I think.

That squad from the QPR game isn't anywhere near good enough to compete in any way, shape or form in this division.


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They'll look at last night showing and be rubbing their hands.
They are of course beaten before kick off when they play our neighbours.
Unfortunately, that's the nature of the beast.


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Get in front early against them and they lose heart quickly.

Have to play with intensity and intent from the off.

We should win, but can't take anything for granted. I would not be surprised with a draw.

lancs blue

Player Valuation: £25m
Must be a tough life playing for Everton. One or two matches a week at best, you can swerve playing if you don't feel like, your performance on the pitch doesn't matter and then receiving £50k a week in cash in a brown envelope - oh the shame
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