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Ex spur Tim Sherwood said it was a pen. Says richy nicked it away from Loris and it wasnt a clear and obvious error from ref. Why do refs hate us?

We didn't have much quality, but we were up for it and that's all we can ask for. We have to have that attitude every game.

Holgate isn't a footballer, and should be nowhere near our midfield again; he cant even perform basic defensive midfield duties there, never mind offer any sort of ball control which is an absolute must from any midfielder. A back up centre back, at most.


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Get the ball and follow through catching the man= No Penalty (ignoring that we carried on playing with an open goal)
Get the ball and follow through catching the man = Red Card

The game is absolutely laughable.
To compare Lloris getting the ball and keepers going through like they do, to Holate booting a clearance (not even in a tight tackle) and then flying his legs into the opponnents leg mate..

The better comparison is the Delph one, puts in a great tackle in the midfield which should never have been a free kick.


Thought the Ref got both decisions right in the end. Lloris clearly got a hand to the ball (if he didn't Richarlison of all players 100% wouldn't have jumped straight back up). And Holgate was absolutely reckless and deserved red.


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I ain't even gonna argue about that. We deserved more, but got what we got, cos that was about right in the end. Nowt up front really. Not sure still on the pen, although how they got the bloody ball back after it annoys me, considering their 'keeper was off his line and Richy had possession. No advantage now or what? And Holgate, I literally shouted well done Mason, until I saw the slo-mo. I thought it was a great, must win tackle, until the follow through. Allan, Richy, Delph, Gray, Coleman, hell, all of them, put a shift in today, which is all I ever ask.

Far too sensible a post!

Saint Domingo

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We really need to start driving a media agenda against certain referees, make it abundantly clear that Kavanaugh Moss Atkinson Probert Mason and Oliver aren’t welcome at Goodison due to their overt kopite bias and dreadful standard of refereeing they’ve displayed.
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