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It's games like this were you are just constantly reminded how bad of a footballing side we've managed to build.

Everyone involved over the last 6/7 years behind the scenes has failed this club horrifically to the point where we can't play attacking football against any side in the league home or away.


the inability of our players to string a couple of forward passes together or our horrendous injurie record isn’t on Rafael or Carlo for that matter it’s on the back room staff from youth to u 23 and those responsible fo recruitment since Moshiri gave us money


The rain, it raineth every day
Bit highbrow this, had to Google it
Apologies, have a gif of a cat watching Rondon.



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Last season Keane was on form, Godfrey wasn't wrecked with COVID and Digne wasn't our worst player.

We also spent good portions of last season playing 3-4 CB's and had DCL & Richarlison on the pitch who both defend set pieces well.

It's an issue like but an overblown one imo. The squads crap and we just cant replace DCL, Richarlison, Doucoure and Mina and we have an average RB its that simple.


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Most of team has been poor that half is what I'm saying. Just that Rondon has been made a scapegoat. You can moan about other players too you know. Lol


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Great start then downhill. Whoever is coaching the defence at corners needs binning,so poor. Rondon has to come off,he’s offering nothing at all. The manager needs to sort this out.
Benitez has set us up for corners in the exact way he did when at Liverpool.
Carragher went through it the other day on Sky.


Player Valuation: £70m
We're out footballing this side, at least by my definition of it. We did something dumb so it is 1-1. We might do something dumb to give up another goal but I'm not really concerned about Watford playing through us and creating something and I think we will create a big chance for ourselves again. None of it means we win the game but given who we have available it really is pretty good.


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