Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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Few things that stood out from the match.

Pickford with arms couldn't outjump Antonio with his head to the ball.

Rondon is played better but still a poor showing. - Better than what?

Iwobi is still bad at decision making. - :D

Need someone intelligent with composure in central midfield to collect the ball, link defence with attack and control the tempo.


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Youve put far too much value on league positions after only a handful of games. West Ham are clearly a far better side than us, just as they were last season. Expecting us to boss them is ridiculous.
But Norwich a had higher % possession than us here and they are the worst side by a long way.

Ring master

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Not good enough all round, done well to get to were we have with many missing, hopefully Rich and Lewin back next week for a game we should win

Parker NSNO

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Have a day off? I've been praising Pickford for months after his excellent performances for club and country. If you think I'm talking from some agenda against him, rather than his obvious shakiness and errors from minute 1, you're clueless.
It'd be 2 nil without him but yeah apparently he was always looking like he was conceding...


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I thought our form was pretty good but its actually very bad......

Villa (a) Lost 3-0
QPR (a) Lost on Pens, 2-2 AET
Norwich (h) Won 2-0
Man Utd (a) Drew 1-1
West Ham (h) Lost 1-0

Played 5, W1 D1 L3, Scored 5, conceded 7.... In the Premier League played 4, W1 D1 L2, scored 3, conceded 5.

Watford is now massive!!!!
Yeah, but overall we aren’t doing too bad in the league. I mean the table speaks for itself. Hopefully, with our injured players coming back the form will pick up.


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This one is all on Rafael. We take off Ron and Wobes and we probably take this one. We let them go 5 at the back and game over.

This one is on players, I could see there is a plan, strategy, but the players are simply not good enough, and the worst thing is there is no replacement as well. It's horrible set of players, imagin this team without gray and Townsend.
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