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Player Valuation: £70m
I would have started Gordon instead of Iwobi, but other than that I think most peoples teams would be pretty similar to the one we put out. There wasn't an abundance of options.

Therer has to be an option some where in our players of all ages that is an option to Rondon.
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Player Valuation: £70m
I don’t see how a manager can be blamed for a deadline day signing who wasn’t really expected to even feature for us

Brands had all window to find a backup for dcl on the cheap. We tried to get jebbinson but our pockets were not deep enough.

There’s not many options out there when you can only spend pennies and not pounds

Richie was that but then got injured. What do you call Rondon? suggest you ask Bentiez why he was signed on.


Player Valuation: £70m
rondon is 4th choice, 1st, 2nd and 3rd are injured

you want a 5th choice striker starting for us instead?
This guy earns more in a week than most people do in a feckin' year. 100% on Benitez this one. I was hoping Benitez was going to be ruthless about performance but feared he had a problem admitting he was wrong. I'm a little more worried after Rondon has finished every game on the pitch.

There is that, as I recall there had ben falling outs at his other clubs based on somethinglike that.


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West Ham were utter crap and that's when we're down Richarlison and DCL, A draw would have been fair but can't complain too much about this loss we gave them a lot of possession despite doing nothing with it.
We weren't brave enough and a lot of players didn't turn up either.


Parcheggia l'autobus
what is going on with the atmosphere this season?

flat from the off today, bad vs Norwich and pretty poor against Saints too

No idea what it’s likes in the actual stadium but from watching on TV it sounds like it has done for the last decade or so… a library. Genuinely think we may have the most consistently vibeless atmosphere in the league, not having a go at the fans as I’d be no better watching this team.

The sooner we get out of Goodison the better, the stadium has turned into a proper doom/mystery pit and it seems like every single match commentators bring up how bad the atmosphere is.
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Imagine going into any game with Rondon and Iwobi and expecting to win.
Started the game with 9 players.
I really don’t understand why Benitez keeps putting Iwobi on the team. I imagine he does well in training but surely no matter how well you do on the training field if you continuously disappoint in the actual matches then you have to be dropped. For a team that used to have more 10s than Olga Korbet we now don’t have any.


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I hope other blues dont ever question Declan Rice again, an absolute rolls royce of a footballer, he does everthing

We lost the game in midfield.
We did indeed pabbs.
Allan and Dacoure dropped very deep to defend, we had 18% possession in the first 20 mins and we were the home side !
Dare I say let’s rethink the team formation when we have dcl and richi out perhaps play digne more midfield and Godfrey LB put holgate RB Mina Keane CB, play Iwobi striker instead of Rondon but hopefully this won’t be needed as we should get dcl richi back for Watford.
We need to be thinking January now bcs we urgently need a RB as well as LB cover, another midfielder (Rice)and I myself cant see richarlison staying too much longer so a replacement for him.
The team that impressed me this weekend was Brentford they battered Chelsea without winning and I couldn’t of the top of my head name one of their players.
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