Expectations for the Coming Season ?

Well ?

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My expectations are slightly above zero.

And if we reach the end of January safely anchored in mid table, out of both cups and the season being as good as over I will regard that as a blessed relief.

Another relegation scrap might well be the end of me.


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With every sensible signing, my hopes increase. If/when we get Gueye over the line we shouldn’t be finishing any lower than 15th. Tarkowski, McNeil and Gueye are all good/great signings and Vinagre could be anything, but will at worst offer some pace at left wing back in the last 20 of a game.

If we get another midfielder, dreaming of Gallagher still, and a striker, Dennis or Broja would both be sound, then we’re looking more like a 10th placed side.


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A couple more decent signings(and a good winter transfer window) and we could reach mid table. As it is I'm expecting somewhere mid to lower half. However, a couple of injuries to important players and were in all sorts of sh*t.

Mr Happy

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Wonder what Leicester fans perception of their squad was going into the season they won the league.

Not suggesting we're gonna do anything like that but sometimes a bit of well judged hope doesn't go amiss.

I'm all for the doom and gloom though to be fair, can't be disappointed that way 🤔


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To be as bad as last year, we’d have to replicate form as bad as one win in 14 games, i.e true relegation form. We aren’t going to be that bad imo, and should comfortably stay clear of relegation.

Leicester, Wolves and Brighton finished 8th - 10th on 52 / 51 points last season. I think they’re just as crap as we are, and we should be targeting 50 odd points and a top half finish.


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I think we'll finish around 16th. I don't see an obvious replacement for Richarlison, who will be missed even if he is far from irreplaceable. It's just that we haven't replaced him. At all.

I see no evidence to suggest we will be much better than last season - unless we can see a significant reduction in absenteeism from key players due to injury/suspension/fashion shoots/rainbow jerseys.

I don't particularly rate Lampard - never have - but he's not the main problem here. That's upstairs. I fully expect another relegation battle, but the league is so feeble that there is also a possibility we could climb up to mid-table if Mina and Dominic Calvert-Lewin remain available for longer that the time it takes to fly to South America.
Clearly, this was my optimistic take.

Aged about as well as Joan Rivers.


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Inappropriate Language
Think a lot is going to depend on who else we can get through the door. If we aren’t successful in addressing the midfield and striker issue then it’ll be a relegation fight.
Two more forwards would great no more midfielders defo not barkley and guye they both [Poor language removed] as there money grabbing ****s they can finish there career at Accrington stanley for all i care


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People are comfortable with the squad?
No not really as where GOING to play to defense too many need to go through exit door the posion dwarf is one rondon is abt as much use as a out off date condom the year he was bone both kean and keane need to go and some off the midfielders
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