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Player Valuation: £70m
Why would you think that?

You need to stop seeing things through that red mist of pure hatred.

What I and others have been saying is that he needs time and resources to get it right before we can say he's failed. There's no amazing job done yet. The chance to do an amazing job has not been presented to him.

He's not helped himself though has he David?

He just went and played a two-man midfield of two half-fit players against one of the best teams in world football and we've won one game in 11.


Player Valuation: £70m
I wouldnt read much into the White thing. White texted him like the journo he is, knowing that he would have a "scoop" whether Moshiri replied or not.

Nah, it's really, really grating mate.

He should be saying that through the club channels. Then again, he's gonna be made to look a t** either way in three weeks when we've lost our next four games


Player Valuation: £70m
I wouldnt read much into the White thing. White texted him like the journo he is, knowing that he would have a "scoop" whether Moshiri replied or not.

How often is he going to make of an idiot of himself by replying like that though? I mean if he believes what he's said there he can't have seen any of the recent games, and can only really be getting info on what has gone on in those games from the manager. How is he going to "deepen the squad"?


Player Valuation: £70m
Why would you think that?

Probably because you've been telling everyone how well he has done these last 2 months we haven't won a game.

Newcastle wont be in for Benitez. You know it.

Benitez has done very well so far. The board know that too.

Things will have to get well out of hand for them to renege on their deal with Benitez after they employed him and handed him zero resources...and they've watched on as players have fallen victim to injury on an unprecedented scale.

Hardly any of it can be pinned on Benitez.

Koeman, Brands, Silva and Ancelotti made this mess - Benitez is trying to cope with it.

Last half hour against Villa, last 12 minutes against Watford and first half versus Wolves were appalling.

Overall I'm happy with what we've seen from Benitez, especiially with major injuries.

45 points has been my target all season.

People thought I was taking the piss. They obvioulsy cant see the wood for the trees. This is one of the worst Everton squads in living memory and now with an injury crisis that strikes every generation or so.

The manager isn't the issue AT ALL.

The owner and his disgrace of a DoF are to blame.

How we're still 11th after this catastrophe underlines how well Benitez did with a half way healthy first team.

Is acknowledging he could get sacked you admitting he hasn't done a good job? Thats what it looks like to me.

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