2021/22 Frank Lampard


Player Valuation: £8m
Blame Lampard for that. Yes it was stupid from Branthwaite but why did it take him till 70 mins to make a change when we clearly under the knife. Bizarre management tactics or lack of them. I have a really bad feeling about the next 2 games and what happens

knowing your history

Player Valuation: £950k
Poor game management from the red card I'm afraid.

I guess no CB on the bench meant he was limited in options but as soon as Coleman had to move inside Iwobi was basically destroyed all game by Henry.

And when you're 2-1 up a proven DM simply has to come on.

Does seem a trend with British managers when you think back to some of Moyes deliberations during games and Southgate in major tournaments.

Lampard done well in last few weeks but today shows his limitations.


Player Valuation: £10m
If we stay up then lampard isn't the one for me. He makes a lot of mistakes. The biggest one is not going for it at Watford and encouraging players to settle for a draw.

Watford showed nothing and got spanked by Leicester today. It would all be over by now. Then you are dicing with luck and we don't have any as seen today. You are also relying on fair officiating and it hasn't happened all season.

I think he's taken us down if I'm honest.
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