Transfer Rumour Harry Winks


Player Valuation: £20m
The reason this touched a nerve with the fan base is because this would be so on brand to overpay for a player of this profile. It has now been reported that we would be looking for a loan but Winks only has 2 years left so I can’t see Spurs going for that unless the view is his stock can rise significantly if he can have a solid season on loan.

My instinct is that this would not be a good move for us or for Winks. There are question marks over his fitness in relation to his ankle but even if we put that to one side it is clear he has confidence issues. We are not a good club to sign for if you are not mentally strong. He would be far better off at Southampton


Player Valuation: £35m

Its a done deal lads hes already in bill kenwrongs office


Player Valuation: £5m
We currently want him on a loan, Spurs currently want a sale. The managers target this one, more so than Thelwell's.
Phil McNulty got very grumpy on Twitter yesterday with a couple of fans saying, in the context of Winks, that a charismatic manager-recruiter and a proper DoF do not fit together.

This this rather suggests the fans not the journalist had a better grip on EFC realities. The elephant in the room: Just who is in charge of recruitment at Everton? To answer that we have to include Moshiri and Kenwright in scope seeking an answer to this pretty fundamental question.

It is hard to believe our recruitment will improve until our fundamental structure and process do.

Thelwell has his hands full it seems.
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