How do we fix our club?

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When Moshiri came in he said he didn't want Everton to become a museum. If he still feels the same way then he has to ship out the main exhibit, a relic from a different age that has no place in amongst the cut throat commercial world that underpins modern football. That would be one Bill Kenwright.

His attitude and grandstanding have turned us into a club to be looked down on and patronised rather than feared. Moyes used to take a knife to a gunfight but that's still more than Bill has in his arsenal. We won't ever compete based on good intentions and nostalgia.

We are being left behind in all facets of modern football. There is no point building a fancy stadium on the docks if all you can offer the paying public is relegation scraps or championship football and if you look at the performance on the pitch and our failed recruitment since Moshiri came in that is where we are heading.

Bill isn't all that's to blame but the jobs for the boys, public praise for an underachieving executive, lack of any real push for better standards across the board all falls at his desk and kicking him out would be a good start.

I'm quite sure that Bill has filled Moshiri's head with a fair bit of talk about Evertonian's wont accept this or that as some way to justify the incestuous policy of hiring from within and/or people with a historical connection to the club. None of these things will change until Moshiri is convinced by the fanbase that actually what we wont stand for is the status quo (not the band).


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The question on this thread is a good one and I think it’s time we (collectively) start to come up with some answers to it.

It’s not something I’d ever really given much thought to, but I think I’m getting to the point where I’d join some organised form of protest over the state of affairs. The problem we face as fans is infighting and letting arguments get in the way of us being a unified voice to address the club itself. If we can agree to put finger pointing at other fans aside and focus on the issues are at the club, we can start to enact change by pressure on the club I think. For me, the main issue by far is accountability at an organisational level. Farhad Moshiri, for his financial injections has proven himself incapable of running the club and has in fact been a terrible custodian because of how unstable financially we now are. Accountability needs to start there and then trickle down to the other board directors, yes including Bill Kenwright, Marcel Brands and DBB. Regardless of your thoughts on Rafael Benitez, whose game management is very difficult to defend on a fixture like today, we need to start at the very top because otherwise we can’t realistically expect anything to improve - it’s been demonstrated time and again over the last 6 years.

I hope other fans will feel the same, let’s get over ourselves and start uniting with each other to change and improve the club we love.

I think there is a divide in the fan base on the main culprits, which is primarily the board! Moshiri & Bill, than to an extent after that Brands & DBB!

Rafael is give or take! But sacking him wouldn't change anything as the people making the decisions think they are doing a great job!
I'm not a huge fan of Benitez myself, but getting rid of him does nothing unless we change the club higher up!


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I know we all have a laugh , it’s horrible seeing that tho. I’m not having a go at those fans yesterday , their reaction is understandable, it’s more indicative of a much bigger issue that’s created this.

There are many who are complicit in where we are, board level, managers , players , local press for fence sitting and even some fans. Imagine having a go and even laughing at other Blues for wanting the club to do better? There is disagreement and then there is that, they know who they are.


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We have wasted far to much money on players who should not be putting on a Everton shirt. Prime example we keep playing Iwobi he is simply not good enough. The recent run of games we can't pass the ball.... we can't keep the ball.. . we stand off 5 yards.... we don't close down and keep getting dominated. We need a complete overhaul. I know its not all about money but we need to get rid of players who are just robbing a wage and not putting in a shift. Any one have any ideas 💡
Wednesday night will be the making or breaking of benitiz at Everton. If the team don't perform he should be gone. Games don't get bigger than Wednesday.


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It's a huge dilemma. I can't see anyone else doing any better than RB at this stage unless Big Dunc steps in again and kicks ass on the touchline.

Saint Domingo

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Get DBB out and get in a CEO brave enough to tell Moshiri to just hand over the cheques and nothing else.

Get that CEO to appoint a new management team including a competent director of football.

Do a complete root and branch review of the club including everything from playing side, medical, commercial etc.

Get the results then put in place a strategic plan to take us to the top of English and European football.

Carry out that plan by hiring and firing whoever is needed including the manager.

Just swapping out different people in a scattergun approach is just rearranging the deckchairs on the titanic.

Colonel Getafe

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Yeah because we can attract that type of player right now. Grow up, did you say the same over Grey and Townsend? do you think changing the manager will suddenly bring Mbappe to us? We need to stick with a manager and let him see out getting rid of a lot of this squad
If you honestly think I was seriously suggesting that it's likely to be Mbappe we'll be unveiling and not Sean Longstaff, then I don't know how to help you.


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Get the recruitment right. Go back to basics - get players who wants to play for Everton and have the mental strength to manage the pressure. Do proper scouting, instead of relying on Agents for available players. Proper scouting - you could moneyball it (like Brentford) or do it the traditional way.

Get a better youth coach. Youth academy has not produce any talent that is good enough for EPL.

Do not renew Brands contract, he was appointed so we have a direction and proper recruitment policy. We have neither since he joined. I won't say sack him because I'm sure he has an expensive severance package.

lollol It's easier said than done.


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Keane and Spitty were right yesterday.
Keane ...forget jobs for your mates.
Spitty...train the right way to play a certain way.
Although training at FF must be a gentle jog then 3 and in.
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