2021/22 Lucas Digne

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adi dassler

Player Valuation: £1.5m
Agreed. Best, great, iconic etc are all thrown around too quickly.
Digne is not even close to being considered one of Everton's best left backs.
The only people who would think that probs only know about him and Baines.

Baines, Wilson, big pat, bailey, even unsworth, and Ablett were better than Digne.
Sure Digne had a decent little spell. But to even mention him in discussions about best is just nonsense.

Unsworth was an absolute yard dog 🤣 particularly bad when played at left back

Papa Shango

Player Valuation: £70m
I don't think he did love the club, very few players do these days, irrespective of which club it is. As for the term 'legend', he and many others do not qualify for such an accolade.
Its an arbitrary description of a player. It holds no real meaning other than personal opinions.

I don't know if he loved the club or not, I mean how could anybody possibly know that?

What I do find interesting though as both Digne and Bernard have mentioned stuff going on at the club now, Brands hinted at it just before he left too and yet our instinct is to go into defensive mode rather than actually be intrigued/concerned about what they are hinting at.

It's interesting.


Player Valuation: £70m
Was very good for us initially, less so the the last 12 months. I still feel the side will be poorer for his sale. Not in the class of Baines, but Digne didn’t have someone as good as Piennar or worked as hard as him in front of him. I’d normally wish him luck in the future, but not playing under slippy at Villa.


Player Valuation: £15m
I'm not upset that he's gone. I hold no affection for him or any of our players (bar Richarlison perhaps) as they have been taking the absolute piss for years.

The chaos going on behind the scenes which in part has caused/contributed towards this is very concerning however. We should not be going all the way to support a manager who cannot possibly succeed here, whether that is short, medium or long term. There is no possible scenario in which Benitez comes up smelling of roses, he doesn't have the support of the players and even though to a man (which included Digne) they are a contemptible bunch of ferrets, we cannot possibly progress as a team if they aren't with him.

He should be remembered for the sum of all of his parts, world class performances week after week in his first season, very high level for the next 18 months after that and bog-standard to very poor in the calendar year 2021. It's a decent fee for him, it has allowed us to replace him and buy a really top prospect for our most desperate position in Patterson who will both hopefully have great Everton careers.

His leaving statement is both telling and classy. I wish him well, one of the only bona fide success stories of the Brands disaster years but our finances are what they are (neither Benitez or Digne to blame there) and we have to sell players and he's an obvious candidate to move on to alleviate this.

Just a broken club, which is the saddest thing about this whole situation.

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
Keane and Mina is our best CB pairing, to deny this is silly.
Mina is our best centre back by a country mile and a leader on the pitch. Not a view you have generally agreed with. Sadly he is prone to injury and we miss him greatly when he isn't there. Whoever he partners tend to do a decent job when he is there alongside him. Including Keane. i would say that Keane and Mina are our best partnership when we are playing a deep lying defence, something we always seem to do under this manager. But in most games that should not be our ploy and in those games Mina would be best deployed alongside somebody like Godfrey. Keane is rarely the same player when he doesn't have Mina alongside him and I certainly wouldn't build the defence around him in the way you have suggested in the past..


Player Valuation: £35m
Bernard proves what a rodent he is. Was more than happy to trouser massive wages whilst with us for doing very little of note. The deification of Digne is puzzling, he uses phrases such as 'love affair' in his eloquent (PR team written) message but was certainly no legend in my book. Many more, less fashionable but loyal and solid players, are ahead of him in the queue for that accolade

At least he takes Lars with him.
We'll miss all the clean sheets with him gone....oh sorry. I was reading his PR team there. All those great stats.
Shame no goals conceded stat hardly ever came up.

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
I cant see Gerard putting up with his nonsense although Lucas might work harder for him to be in the World Cup squad. Again his own ego.
He gave up on us over 12 months ago, we dont need players like that at the best of times.
I hate Gerrard more than I hate our manager. And that is saying something. But I reckon that he will have enough of a football brain to know how best to play Digne to get the best out of him, and not to suppress his best qualities. I believe you will see Digne settle in at Villa very quickly, that he will cement his position as one of the very best left backs in the Premier league, and that Villa will finish up in a European spot. Everton, by comparison, will be struggling to stave off relegation and will survive by virtue of the fact that there are 3 worse teams than us in the league. I predict that we will not reach the 40 point mark.

Let's see which one of us is right come the end of the season.
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