Marcel Brands


Player Valuation: £8m
Hes definitely culpable for our current woes but since we also have significant systemic issues that stretch beyond brands I fear his successor would be subject to the same meddling from an inept owner and whatever short term manager that's in place. However the decisions hes made upon his volition have been lackluster in hindsight. Even the seemingly positive ones haven't aged well, digne who I think is still decent just mismanaged and doesnt have a proper understudy to afford him rest , mina is crazy injury prone and Gomes hes a turd now , and even richie has wanted. But with in richie and dignes case it's a matter of who he hasn't signed , as I mentioned with digne no proper backup for starting players so you have dcl and richie playing countless games without time to recuperate so they decline or get injured also the fact a 33 year old is our starting rb with no feasible replacement is criminal. So hes terrible but so is the entire structure at everton. Thank you for anyone who read this unwieldy rant


Player Valuation: £500k
Don't think he gives one, he will get paid off either way. This club is in the worst situation we have probably ever been considering how much money we have wasted and a new ground getting built which could fall through if the inevitable happens. Think there are going to be riots on Wednesday evening, it's brewing no doubt about it. This forum is toxic enough can imagine what the feelings will be like after a hammering against them especially with Benitez in charge. The RS fans are proper going to wind our fans up beyond rational sanity I fear. Horrible horrible time to be a blue. It's not even as though fixtures are getting any better either.


Player Valuation: £70m
When we changed out transfer approach, we started to see negative effects.

Look at some of the players who were available this season alone, who would have instantly improved our side, and didn’t cost the world. Just emphasises the terrible business we’ve done from Walcott and Tosun, to Schneiderlin, to Iwobi.

Gallagher loan
Olise £10m
Livramento £3m
Cornet £12m
Normann loan

Like they’re not world wide names, but they’re all high upside, and if we’d have got all 5, would have cost £25m… which is less than Iwobi.

It’s fine margins, but what is Brands doing? These were available, and exactly the type of player we need.

He chased a Dutch right back who made it clear he didn’t want to come. The previous summer he chased a centre half all year only go get caught at the end.

He’s a joke.

Alot of fans wanted Dumfries based on his national team games (i didnt watch) but if they had been unfortunate to watch him for PSV they'd see a technically limited player who cant control a football or cross...

...basically modern day Coleman.

Hes flopped in Italy. Darmian is playing ahead of him and hes no better than average.

Now, you have to ask yourself why werent we in for Lamptey or Livramento the last couple of seasons?

Surely young English players will be scouted ?

If we had just got Livramento we'd see a massive improvement on our right flank.

Instead we chase his useless countryman all summer.

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