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Talk a walk down on Thursday morning. I hadn't been down there since the infil was at about 90%.

Progress from now until the start of next season will be pretty stunning, the steel bolts together really quickly.

This is a south east corner, it's not a drone but still pretty exciting.View attachment 166732
Great pic mate

Ahem...someone forgot to use a spirit level on that right hand column ( left centre of pic ):eek:

sheedys left foot

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As much as I can’t wait to watch the blues in the new stadium I can’t see Bradley Moore ever having a soul like this place 💙


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In 66 Goodison was due to host England games for the World Cup. It was reneged upon last minute. So, when the FA come calling about a showpiece event to close Goodison then open BMD its a no thanks from me in somewhat stronger terms.
Last international has to be Portugal Brazil.
Would also be nice to invite Bayern over for a farewell exhibition game.

It's dawning on me that the old lady is soon to be no more. She'll live in memory and will always be our sainted old gal, I'm glad we got through this year and she gets another season or two of top flight football. We'll miss her.


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I just realised that the new stadium will have to be called Goodison Park as well because if we don’t then singing spirit of the blues in a stadium other than Goodison Park would be kind of weird would it not given the lyrics are ‘come on come get down to goodison park’

Or do you think the fans will just change the lyrics to ‘come on come on get down to MegaFon Arena’
Marching down the goodison road

Will never get old

Will be cute, not weird (blurred lines)
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