PL Fixtures announcement 2022/23 season


Player Valuation: £30m
After 11 years of the Goodison derby being first, it's been 50/50 for the last eight years.

That streak still baffles.... it's basically impossible to get heads 11 times in a row when you toss a coin. That's like similar odds to surviving glass bridge from the squid game if you're first up.

Well, impossible that is, unless there is some outside interference or requests.

Some stand to reason, like we know that Bournemough won't host Leeds at any point in August, after their gobshyt fans decided it was a good idea to terrorise Dorset's finest pensioners over 30 years ago during a heatwave.

But why would you specifically request to face a certain team home/away in a certain order for 11 straight years? Just nuts.
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