Player of the Month - September...


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October has arrived and so it's time to reflect upon how September went for the Mighty Boys in the Royal Blue of Everton, and how the fans, yes that's you lot, voted.
Seriously though, thanks to everyone that votes and supports the polls ;) ;)



Player Valuation: £20m
Well deserved for Andros, who's been brilliant along with the Duke and Gray.

Have to say, I thought he was a miserable git prior to him joining us, but it's clear to see he is so happy to be here and playing for Everton and for Benitez, and it's showing in his performances and his interviews, which have been great.

Credit due to Benitez, for getting him here and enjoying his footy again - same with Gray.


Player Valuation: £30m
Can’t argue with that selection. I would have placed Dacoure first, but him, grey and Townsend only had a cighie paper between them.I am in no way making comparisons here, but bringing in ‘finished’ footballers and convincing them that this was their last chance to prove they were any good was Kendall’s genius, nice to see a bit of that back at the club!
and before the loons kick off, I am NOT comparing Benitez with Kendall!

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