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We smashed arsenal already. Palace smashed us and we keep losing against crap sides even to this day we can only beat the likes of Chelsea and United.
Here's the reason, we lack creativity so playing team's that come on to us suited us, we can stay compact and hit them tbh it's our best chance in either of the two


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Hope you are right mate the worry is awful. I actually think fact we still have Leeds and Burnley below us means we have two chances it's less likely they both leap frog us...-prays-
for me this team is a bunch of chaotic misfits and they've failed on clear opportunities to eliminate the uncertainty but they have delivered on two crucial games most people determined Everton were going to lose and the last game was a result of outside meddling. So I think we'll squeak by ,can't fret about it otherwise it will devour you.

Pabs 66

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Villa fan (respects Everton FC).

Been in this position now a few times unfortunately and circling the plug hole was
an annual scenario in Lerner's last few years at the Villa.
Everton like Villa are probably the most like for like clubs in terms of history,stature
and support you could pair together.

You ain't going down this season on Villa's watch,it's down to your "Grand Old Club"
to get over the line.
Get it Done EFC.

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