Transfer Rumour Sean Longstaff

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Player Valuation: £25m
Been difficult to see enough of him to form an opinion. He clearly looked good when Benitez was at Newcastle, but read that he got injured and after he came back has not really been the same.

I did watch Newcastle play Man Utd the other week though and he had a good game. He looks to still press well, although probably not going to inject a huge amount of quality to our attacking play. Given we have a huge amount of dross in our midfield ranks, I'm ok with him as I'd rate him above Davies and Gbamin (based on what we've seen) and Delph is gone by July anyway. Different sort of player to Gomes and I'd argue there's a place for both of them in the squad, but even so I'd hope we could be looking at someone who screens the back 4 better than anyone we have on the books now. That's more of a priority than Longstaff for me, but I'm not against the signing as long as we are talking bargain basement fees.

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