The world's going to enddd!!!

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Player Valuation: £2.5m
Or so people would think reading some of these reactions after one bad game.

Pickford - few decent saves but a few dodgy moments, typical pickford game

Godford - not exactly great, not in his natural position but what he did show was his extremely rapid pace and he can read the game well when more central

Keane - fairly solid in my opinion perhaps struggled some what as he didn't have a pacy center back next to him

Mina - a few decent interceptions but looked panicky

Digne - not his usual self at all, was this because he had iwobi in front of him? Extremely unfortunate with the red car

Rodriguez - tried his best but it just wasn't working. Not much movement from other players.

Doucoure - won the ball nicely a few times but went missing too often

Allan - pretty much as above

Siguardson - one or two nice bits however more bad bits, unlucky with a great shot

Iwobi - first 15 minutes looked decent and up for it, after that he looked league 1 standard

Dcl - a couple of nice touches but very rare, no service at all for him


Delph - actually did OK when he was on, however them inside turns he does makes me nervous

Bernard - never settled and I still stand by my opinion that he needs to play just behind the strikers

Gordan - for me he's the one plus out of the game. He actually got hold of the ball and drove forward. He beat the opposition nicely a few times and deserves to start against Newcastle......

General concensus on the game?

We was off the pace and deserved to lose. It happens. Let's not all lose our heads just yet.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
A look at me one
There are many others about tonight

An I'm part of this forum and I'm entitled to make a thread one.... I've not read any other threads for a few hours as I had typed this and thought I pressed post but I hadn't, it kindly greated me when I unlocked my phone.

Not open for further replies.

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