2021/22 Tom Davies


Player Valuation: £5m
That would take hard work, something very few at Everton seem to be interested in.

Seriously the difference between Davies the kid who broke through and the one playing now is absolutely night and day. Yes he was surrounded by better players in those teams but he was actually standing out, in the game he played under Unsworth when Martinez got fired he played so well, then even under Koeman he would come on and add energy and bite. Even at youth level we were 3 down in an under 23 derby and he came on and dragged us back to 3-3 and looked the best player on the price against the likes of Grujic.

The sad truth is that the Tom Davies of today wouldn’t get anywhere near the wondergoal he scored against City, I can’t think of any part of winning the ball, flicking inside Toure, finding Barkley, running into space, then lifting the finish, that he’d be able to execute successfully now, I wouldn’t back him to do a single one correctly.

It’s been a monumental decline for a player who external pundits had in their top 50 for golden boy across Europe. He was training with England at 17 and we all thought it was the first of many. We even said he was better than Barkley etc. Now I’d argue that John Lundstram is probably a more useful player than Davies and he was someone that Davies shot ahead of by the age of 17.

He’s massively massively regressed. I don’t know who you blame, but eventually he has to look at himself, not only has he not kicked on, he’s actually got worse, I do t think he’s even premier league standard any more. If Docuoure and Gomes were fit he wouldn’t be getting any game time under Benitez.

They said he’s the painter boy for modern Everton and it’s turning out to be the case, a nice lad who has just got worse and worse at football.
150 games! It’s not like he’s not had games. With DCL you saw him developing with the game time he was getting but you’re right the two players trajectories couldn’t have been more different.

Davide Ancelotti did say that Davies was the most improved player during their time at Everton so there were maybe some shoots of hope last season. Doesn’t look like Rafael fancies him though and I still don’t really know what type of midfielder he is, I don’t think he really does. Every mistake he makes whether it’s turning over the ball, misplacing a pass, not tracking a runner seems to lead to a chance or a goal. Don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like it.

In an ideal world I’d probably sell every centre midfielder we have other than Doucourre and start again.


Player Valuation: £70m
Now caught up with match ,thought Tom did alright bit harsh blaming him for the late goals given his role yesterday.
Would be looking at his central partner who was supposedly the "defensive midfielder" and defence.


Player Valuation: £20m
3 fairly useful players for us...
For a team as we were then, yes, useful. Same as davies would be for a team in the lower reaches of the league.

Not good enough for what we are hoping for unfortunately. And with the amount of games he already has under his belt, I can't see it happening for him.


Player Valuation: £8m
The only positive thing I can say in defence of him, is that he very rarely gets injured.

Other than that, he’s diabolical.
Of course he doesn't get injured - he ducks out of challenges! His ability to stay fit is, in this particular case, a negative.

Davies sums us up. The fellas you want to stay fit get injured, and the useless gits like Tom are almost ever-present. This fella is more likely to miss out by falling off his skateboard than leaving a foot in a tackle.

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