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Ed's (@Dixies60) latest article is now online. Always a good read.



Player Valuation: £30m
I think the biggest tragedy of all will be if the fans - the true architects of this climb down - forget what has happened here. That if they revert back to base tribalism, nobody counts but my team and sod everyone else. That would be a true tragedy similar to the tragedy of the nation forgetting what happened with the poll tax. That if everybody stands together, we can change anything, from corrupt governments to corrupt football bodies. I am not suggesting (or even hoping for) a nirvana, where we all love and respect each other (I am far too fond of giving others stick) but just that we remember that it was us fans, including the rs, the mancs and the cockneys, who stopped this. Because that unity will be required again, those hateful, soulless owners, have not been defeated, they will seek another path to satisfy their greed.

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