We've been poor far too often

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we've played 13 games so far and 7 of them were really poor compare to our usual standard. The most worrying thing is we've been poor since portsmouth and that 4 consecutive match. Time to stop giving excuses and have a good look at whats gone wrong with us all over the pitch.


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Just checked last seasons results and guess what - this time last year we had 8 points, and gone out of the Uefa and league cups, lost at home to Blackburn, Porstmouth, the [Poor language removed] and away to Arsenal.

Food for thought ??? :oops:


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Playing Wolves at home, you should play a 4-4-2 formation and try an pass the ball, we played 4-5-1 an were hoofing the ball up. That does not win you matches, but Pienaar was dearly missed today


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We play poorly an awful lot of the time. When Moyes doesn't have the players available to him that usually carry the team in the attacking third he has no idea what to do. There's no consistent style of play that he believes will unlock defences, it's down to the players to come up with something.

I might be being a bit harsh on him because I'm annoyed, but I distinctly heard him trying to tell the players what to do on three occasions and every time they either did what he said and ****ed it up, or did the opposite of what he said and did something good.


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i dont go with this excuse of having players out ...yes its a gr8 excuse uif another teams supporter is givin you stick its an aul reliable but not on here

cahill felli saha yak rodwell billy these are all players that people on here are naturally saying good things so how come when we get beat we disregard what we have said previously

either they r of a good standard or not ... you generally lose 8 /9 times out of 10 coz you were the worse team
Arteta and Pienaar.

You simply cant win games without your 2 best players, the only 2 players within the squad who can do that little bit extra.

But you boys have fun with your Moyes out banners.

Seamus Colemole

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It's been said but I'll reiterate it.

Missing many of our main players.

Hard to do it with out them.

So you're saying that the teams we've put out this season without those players are the same standard as Wolves? A newly promoted team who are good bets for a return straight to the championship?

Are those guys really that poor?

Yeah sure we aren't going to be as good without our best players but even the teams we have been able to field certainly have looked better on paper than the performances have suggested.

How long do you blame players on the sidelines for the players on the pitch?

How long do you simply trot out the "we are missing players" line before looking elsewhere for any possible reasons for our poor performances?

And lets not forget that little spell we had not so long back where we played damn well without our best players. So why can we not produce that more consistently.

Its not looking for blame, its looking for reasons.Doesnt mean we can do anything about it but we can certainly discuss it.

TX Bill

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If that's the case, then why bother playing?

The reality is that in the Premier League, anyone can beat anyone on a given day.

Yes, I'd expect us to win certain matches and Wolves would have been one of them but am I shocked when we don't? No.
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