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We have huge problems in the squad. From the first whistle, too many of them didn't want it. They're not up for a fight and simply don't care. No manager will change that.

It's time to stop having fan favourites and judge each player on their performance. I'm sick of hearing a boo boy do wrong (Iwobi misplaces a pass) and there's murder, everyone screaming at him. Godfrey does that amateur pass back and there was zero criticism around me. Just anger directed at Everton. Same when Gray stunk the place out.

We need to do a Nyarko on the entire team.

Some players have credit in the bank and some don’t. It’s the same everywhere. If you want to be a fan favourite - have some good games.

Edit - I agree in that Gray should have been subbed ahead of Iwobi.


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Great news everyone.

I have had a massive tickle on the Zimbabwean lottery.

View attachment 144665

I have given all my bank details to my good friend George in Harhar, and he assures me the winnings will be deposited by Friday.

See you all In Frost's on Sunday, and the champagne's on me!!!

i just got an email from a lovely chap who has won €365M and has decided to give me a gift of €12.5M !! Really thoughtful of him - I wonder how he knows me??? :pint2: :D😎


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Anybody feel that JPG was thrown to the wolves last night (no pun intended).
FSW hasn’t used him off the bench and then throws him into the starting lineup without kicking a competitive ball since the Huddersfield game.
poor decision in my eyes, he should’ve been used off the bench in previous games or played for the u-23’s to get match fit.
He needs to pull his finger out and get fit.

Billy Dean

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Are Mina and Digne available yet? If so, next game I think I'd go:
Coleman Keane Mina Digne
Allan Onyango
Townsend Richarlison Gray
Either that or go 4231 with Gordon in for Onyango.
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First time here since that shocking first half display.

Benitez and most of the team should be hanging their heads in shame, cowards without doubt.

Never thought I'd see the day voting Delph MOTM, but we bucked up when he came on.

Everton sure do know how to cause heartache.

Charles Hawtrey

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I didn't watch the second half live as my eyes were bleeding so badly after the first half. Watched it later and although it was better it was still mediocre at best. Went for Pickford as MotM as without him it was 4-0 at HT.
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