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    A New Dawn

    You make a good point. What's key is improving the confidence of the team and keeping it there. Confidence is everything. Norwich beat us because we are so bad they had confidence, unlike their previous fixtures.
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    Are we to blame?

    A fair point. And it's exacerbated when those humam beings realise that the players earn, sorry are given (for nobody earns that amount) more in a week than most normal people do in a year. Nonetheless I still feel that this understandable negativity has contributed to the depth of the hole...
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    Are we to blame?

    Been saying for a while - there are a very vocal number who judge too early, can't comprehend that players can have a quite natural drop of form and then start destroying the team confidence. What follows is a spiral into a player's permanent self doubt, loss of resale value and the abundance...
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    Martinez Mayhem

    Can we please just find a manager that doesn't like zonal marking.
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    Who's next after Benitez - includes a poll

    Its his money after all.
  6. chrismpw

    Who's next after Benitez - includes a poll

    We haven't much to lose - other than relegation - and with a squad coming to full fitness I think we'll avoid that with a new manager bounce. I'd be happy to see Rooney given a shout. He clearly still loves Everton and it would be a labour of love for him. Amazed with how he's kept Derby...
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    The Illicit Power of Our Overpaid and Underachieving Players

    OK- which mod left the door open? lol
  8. chrismpw

    Rafael Benitez If not already posted....
  9. chrismpw

    Match Thread Norwich City v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We scored one of them. Everton that.
  10. chrismpw

    Match Thread Norwich City v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    This just doesn't hurt anymore. Its like I've lost all feeling.
  11. chrismpw

    Rafael Benitez

    To be fair, we slotted one of those.
  12. chrismpw

    Transfer Thread Sean Longstaff

    @Toffeelover a finger represents an inelegant debate. Care to express your alternative view in a way which might persuade me that I'm mistaken? Either that or just keep your reaction to yourself!
  13. chrismpw

    Transfer Thread Sean Longstaff

    Has the sniff of a Tom Cleverly about him this one, I feel.
  14. chrismpw

    A Trend With Every New Rafael Signing

    Which is why their words have become predictable and worthless. Surprised anyone still listens or pays attention to club media.
  15. chrismpw

    Confirmed Signing Anwar El Ghazi

    We haven't heard what players think, or what makes them interesting, since media training was a thing*. Clubs and bosses are more easily offended now than the softest snowflake. *Apart from Digne.... and we know how that ended.
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