Match Thread Brentford v Everton. Sun 28th November. 2pm

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All managers make mistakes, all managers have pet favourites they play too much, all managers take too long to make subs.

I wish they were the only problems. Do you think I actually like Benitez as a bloke or wanted him as manager? No. If I thought any other option would work I’d be all for removing him. We’ve had Koeman, Allardyce, Silva, Unsworth/Ferguson, Ancelotti, and now Benitez, and you can count on one hand the number of good performances we’ve had out of all of them.

The problems stay the same, regardless of manager because we have one of the most unprofessional squads in the league who couldn’t care less about Everton. Fire Benitez, I don’t care, get someone else in, if they’d even want to come, where do they start? Play Tosun instead of Rondon, being on Simms instead of playing the 90 mins. Do you see how ridiculous all that sounds? We have about 6 good players, most of whom have arrived in recent windows. The rest of the squad are bottom half level. When those good players aren’t available this is what happens, and has happened for 7 years.

As soon as Koeman lost Lukaku, we couldn’t win a game, as soon as Silva lost Gueye and Zouma we couldn’t win a game, as soon as Ancelotti lost Docuoure we struggled to win a game, the same thing is just happening now.

If firing Benitez makes some of you happy, have at it, I honestly couldn’t care less now, we’ll be 20 mill down and in exactly the same place when the new manager gets here and is scratching is head in the first half of a match because the weeks worth of training he has done has gone up in smoke and Keane and Coleman can’t pass a ball to each other and defenders aren’t jumping at set pieces.

Losing Lukaku, Gana, Stones and replacing them with what we did has killed us for years.

Imagine them 3 in this side with the likes of DCL/Richarlison in the squad.


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This just sums us up, if you don’t laugh at us right now you’d cry!

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Well we do. Such as Gray, Doucoure, Godfrey, are decent enough but they can't carry the team. Other players are hot and cold while certain others are just plain tripe. Hot and cold is a bad term maybe lukewarm and freezing is better.
We’ve just become accepting of bang average fodder clearly after years of abysmal crap

Steve Wigan

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Name me a worse manager than Benitez this side of Mike Walker?

Same goes for a captain?

Its all bringing my Mike Walker PTSD back :eek:
Worse manager than Benitez?....Silva, Koeman, second season Martinez, and theres a case for Moyes and a few others. Captain? Coleman probably one of the best. Some were a bit nondescipt. Not really had many outstanding skippers since Labby until Coleman, but Billy Wright comes to mind as very poor. Some were skipper simply because they were the best player...Bally, Vernon etc.
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It breaks my heart to see an Everton side so bad ,so much I want to say but it is not worth the effort .We need a miracle in the next two days or I fear for the worst .


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Thought we played okay (not great obviously) and deserved more than what we got. Which is more than I can say about recent performances.
Really? I thought we looked clueless. We could still be playing now and we wouldn't have scored. Brentford were dreadful and their keeper still didn't have a save to make. To be fair, I think we won on passing it out of play for no particular reason!


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During the 90’s, we were rubbish but at least I felt an affinity with the players and the club.

This latest group are the most unlikeable, abject and downright horrendous players I’ve ever seen at any one time.

Pickford’s panicking when balls come into the box annoys me, Digne gesticulating after losing a throw in call annoys me, Keane attempting to defend 1v1’s annoys me, Allan being two yards behind the opposition in loose balls annoys me, Richarlison constantly sulking annoys me, Rondon offering nothing whatsoever up top annoys me, and my god; don’t get me started on Alex Iwobi.

What I’m saying is, even those that are half decent (Digne, Richarlison) are unlikeable, but then coupled with half the squad being below par in terms of ability is just soul destroying.

This season is the first team that I’ve decided not to watch games (Wolves away due to the time & City away). I’ve followed this club for more than 30 years and I’ve never had such little interest. Combination of turd players and decent but annoying players. Hit reset.
100% correct!
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