Confirmed Signing Conor Coady

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Player Valuation: £150m
Do feel that Pickford kicks too often, I mean I understand when your playing the likes of Chelsea, Man City an Liverpool. But as we aquire better players more comfortably on the ball would like us to play out from the back especially against the smaller teams.
I'd trust an outfield player a little further up the pitch to be launching the longer balls too. It's painful seeing Pickford volley the ball out of his hands and them flying out of play.


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We all know that Tarkowski and Coady are never going to win games for us but they will stop us losing as many as we did last season. Frank has definitely prioritised making Everton harder to beat. Hopefully there's a little something left in the transfer kitty to go out and get someone that can help us win games.

In Frank we trust.
Absolutely certain we'll see two strikers come in. I have a hunch they have a few people targeted for loans (e.g., Broja, Kalimuendo, et al.) and a few for transfer (e.g., Batshuayi, Kalajdžić, et al.), and we'll probably see one of each (though highly doubtful to see both come from Chelsea). This isn't based on anything but gut feeling from thinking about how they fit at their current clubs, how the rumors are shifting, etc. Could be way off, but definitely feel good about two strikers coming one way or another.


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I just hope Liverpool are also winning when we are playing. Cause if he checks his phone at HT it could effect him psychologically.

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Look pretty solid at the back with these two lads. Think they'll give good battle to oponent teams. Keane and injury prone Mina couldn't play to much games together. Hope this two will.


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I had Wolves down for a tough season - they struggled back end of last. This is a really strange departure for them and suggests to me they have problems (remember they let Traore go out on loan last season).

Solid signing and with Tarko (assuming Mina's Glass Leg is shattered again) we have a solid defence (perhaps with Holgate for now).. looking decent at the back now which is very important.


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Just been speaking to my pal who is wolves season ticket holder and he said the general consensus with Wolves fans is disbelief, as to why he is being let go. Main comments were the bloke is loved around the club, a real leader, great on the ball and will gives everything.

I personally believe having characters like him and Tarko will help the club both on and off the pitch, for where we are currently, it's exactly what we need.

Good luck to the lad

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