2021/22 Demarai Gray

Eagle Eye

Player Valuation: £1.5m
I can't pay him any higher compliment than to say that I don't fear losing Richie now one bit. Will be utter boss having them both at the same time feeding Dom, but he reminds me of Richie first season.

If someone had said that there was a £75 million English winger on the pitch, the performance of Gray would have led everyone to think it was him, not Sancho. Must be worth at least 40million already...


Player Valuation: £70m
I think hes so good at running from deep, that he might be wasted if he's right up top. He seems to move between the wing and the number 10 position. He has tremendous balance and close control, a real treat to watch.

How we play with a big lump up top, probably not. But I think he terrifies teams and defenders with pace, he strong and determined - stays on his feet more than Richarlison, is a better finisher, ball at feet then DCL. Would mean us becoming more counter attacking, like today overall. Think he has all the tools. I see him in the role Richardson plays under this manager, with maybe someone like Dias or McNeill, at wide left.
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