Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £35m
I've genuinely never known a football team seemingly willingly forfeit multiple games at the very start of a season, particularly when the previous season was an utter disaster and they were making such a big deal about it never happening again.
I doubt they are willing to forfeit games but trying to do their best to gain something from a less than ideal situation.
Plenty of teams have a poor start to seasons but recover quickly.
As long as we end the window with more and better options than we currently have I am sure we will improve and gain points.
It is far to early to begin panicking.


Player Valuation: £90m
I've never said we didn't look. I've said we prioritised other positions and thats a poor strategy. I've not came up with this today. I've been making this point consistently for weeks. You don't agree and thats fine but the proof is in the pudding on the pitch and we are toothless.

Ultimately I dont care how hard we are looking. I want to see tangible results and that means backing the manager with a capable goal scorer. To not have done so 6 weeks after selling Richarlison is totally unacceptable.

We spent valuable funds on McNeil who is absolutely not a goalscorer. The question has to be who made that decision and on what basis. I want the DOF to explain his decisions because I dont see the strategy.

Which centre forwards that have moved did you want us to sign?

Note: Dennis + Cornet have had a good 2.5 months in their entire (failed) careers.


Player Valuation: £90m
Actually 6 if you include Allan and Gomes. No chance they are on the verge of transfers and being left out due to that. This club isn't capable of selling players for money.

I think Allan is someone Lampard would be comfortable using in a 3 alongside Onana...but with a DM behind (which we dont have).

However the fact hes not been considered likely means hes available + Gomes is the definition of 'out in the cold' as he let the squad down last year in the run in.


Player Valuation: £10m
I know we needed to sell a player to satiate FFP and richie was the only one that was actually deemed a valuable asset other than Dominic Calvert-Lewin who due to injuries the demand was diminished, but I don't think our dunderheaded club truly recognized how vital he was to our club averting relegation and just creating chances. His last season was an underwhelming showing based on his past performances but still the best player amongst our squad and the ridiculous thing was our offense was still mediocre with him, the lackluster midfield contributed as well. For the club to lack cognizance of how problematic of our offenses current state is truly negligent. Its constantly stated how abysmal our recruitment has been but it is truly astounding how inept. Truly a feat of incompetence
Thought the same watching the game yesterday. He was just huge for us


Player Valuation: £80m
I think Allan is someone Lampard would be comfortable using in a 3 alongside Onana...but with a DM behind (which we dont have).

However the fact hes not been considered likely means hes available + Gomes is the definition of 'out in the cold' as he let the squad down last year in the run in.

If Gueye does arrive - IMO we need one more CM who is Gallagher to get a good blend and to add goals.

Would give is Gueye, Onana, Gallagher, Iwobi to choose from in a two and would lend itself very well to any formation with three CMs needed.

Gueye deeper and Onana and Gallagher in front of him able to bomb forward as he provides defensive cover, or Gueye Onana in the double pivot with Gallagher ahead of them, in both Iwobi can provide competition for both Onana/Gallagher.

Fire Davies, Gbanim and Gomes out a Canon and sell one of Dacoure and Allan if anyone wants them keep the other as cover.

We need a striker badly but people are overlooking the needs accentuated as we have literally no goals from our midfield.

Think back to Moyes we had Arteta, Cahill, Fellaini, Osman who all could be relied on for 5+ per season minimum. even Pienaar who never scored was a creative player.

Right now we have literally nothing goal wise in the squad.


Player Valuation: £80m
Having a goal scorer opens up space for others - having several of them from different parts opens up more space for others.

Right now we have none we need to add 2-3 in the remaining days.

Media is already starting to crank up pressure in Lampard -


Player Valuation: £50m
We have spent next to nothing props to the club in doing it
We should be calling for moshiri to explain why we haven't invested in squad

All we have done is play with money we spent 3 years or so ago thanks to spurs

Nothing new has been spent
Do you have no understanding of the financial mess the club has got itself in and therefore the P&S constraints under which it has to operate ?
Why do I see people speculating about us getting Pulisic and Gallagher when there’s been no reported connections whatsoever? If you’re going to fantasize about an unwanted Chelsea player coming in out of the blue, it should be Hudson-Odoi.
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