Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022


Player Valuation: £40m
Probably not universally popular but I’d have Tarkowski for sure. Totally lack a composed, defensive leader when Mina is out. After a season where we’ve totally failed to grind any results, especially away, here’s an experienced grinder on a free transfer. Obviously we should primarily target younger players but not totally at the expense of experience. Look at the difference the composure of Delph made when he came in.
I agree. We desperately need a nonsense tough , snide centre back. You would need to pair him with a better quality, quicker footballer to be fair but it is something we've missed most of the season.
This makes sense if we can sell Mina and Keane.


Player Valuation: £1.5m
People might question the likes of Tarkowski and Coady - but they possess something most of our players don’t. A spine.

They’re leaders both better than Keane. They don’t have injury concerns like Mina.

I know Coady is a mutant, but Wolves had one of the best defences last season.


Player Valuation: £70m
Not the biggest fan and talent wise I don't see much between him and Keane, but......

One big difference is that Tarkowski is a leader/organizer type who takes charge and doesn't seem to have confidence made of tissue paper. Mina aside that's what we have a total absence of throughout the centre of the park.

With a 'youngish' set of defenders and a new who are prone to mistakes, then can see the sense in him being a target.

Tarkowski on 90k p/w, Keane leaving for a fee (say 10m) think Keane's on a bigger wage than 90k as well, and pretty much no difference in age (plus Tarkowski won't have the Keane baggage of all those horrid games for us)

In isolation it'd be a deal that made good financial sense and probably sense in terms of overall strengthening the position.

Yes a lot depends on who we move out.

The thing with Keane is, he is inconsistent. I don't mean game to game, but he goes on good or bad runs. I remember in lockdown he was one of our best players. The same next to Zouma, but then you get season's like this, where he is hopeless. Tarkwoski seems a more consistent player, and maintains performance whoever is his partner, which will help.

He kind of fits what we need. As you say our defenders are younger, Holgate 25, Godfrey 24, Brainthwaite 20. 2 of the 3 of them not the biggest. They need a leader/organiser to help them develop too. Keane just isn't that guy.

This will probably sound a bit odd, but if it's Mina out Tarkowski in, and no buyer for Keane is found, Keane next to Tarkowski is probably much better as well (like he was next to Mina). He can just play his own game.

In general, I want us to bring in younger players, but sometimes you make an exception, and this feels like one of those times. He ticks most of the boxes I'd want in a CB if we can move Mina on. He plays most of the games too which helps. To me he just slots in and resolves a lot of our defensive problems.
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