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Your Everton MOTM vs Brentford

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I feel sorry for us. We experienced all emotions within 90 minutes today. From safety to being dragged back to safety to hopeful to devastation.

That red card changed the game. Although we went up 2-1, it's only matter of time

Crystal Palace game to most important game of the season. Only a win will do. I really don't want us to go to Arsenal needing a win or draw to survive.


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It's the result at the end, that counts, not the one after about 35 mins. We've had worse ref's this season, the blame, is very much on the players shoulders. I mean one example, Doucoure, absolute garbage, he bottled it. Get rid!

This. The pen shout before the sending off is debatable. The sending off for them maybe. Not an outrageous decision not to book him. This is on poor management and useless players. Our centre mids were terrible. And DCL useless again.


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It's extremely difficult to envisage an 11 we can put out against Palace who can win the game. And a win is whats required. A draw is no good really as if we are relying on coming ahead of Burnley by goal difference then its too late

I suppose it all depends if Keane is well by then - if it is, I think if we play as we did today we will do it.


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Didn't deserve to win.
Some was down to our own stupidity so down to dodgy decisions, it was one of those games you get now and then we just didn’t need that type of game today. I know Braithwaite is young but I’m pinning the blame onto him, let Toney go he might or might not have scored, but I’d have taken conceding a goal rather than going to 10 men, Rondons sending off didn’t really matter.
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