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My take on the game, neither team had much threat going forward, the penalty and it was a definite one changes the whole face of the game, Holgates sending off was correct, he followed through with his other foot, the substitutions were baffling, Allan seemed very annoyed to be taken off, a point is better than none

Papa Shango

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To compare Lloris getting the ball and keepers going through like they do, to Holate booting a clearance (not even in a tight tackle) and then flying his legs into the opponnents leg mate..

The better comparison is the Delph one, puts in a great tackle in the midfield which should never have been a free kick.

Nothing wrong with Holgates challenge for me. It's just one of those things. Richarlison did worse earlier in the game when he left his foot in on Romero (probably was him).

Either way the lack of consistency is shocking. Either they are all fouls or none of them are. The level of punishment deals with the severity of the challenge.


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I ain't even gonna argue about that. We deserved more, but got what we got, cos that was about right in the end. Nowt up front really. Not sure still on the pen, although how they got the bloody ball back after it annoys me, considering their 'keeper was off his line and Richy had possession. No advantage now or what? And Holgate, I literally shouted well done Mason, until I saw the slo-mo. I thought it was a great, must win tackle, until the follow through. Allan, Richy, Delph, Gray, Coleman, hell, all of them, put a shift in today, which is all I ever ask.

Agreed. We didn’t really create anything and they hit the post and we had a missed pen. Can’t really complain since we’ve been terrible for three games running and that was probably the best we’ve been in the last month.

Saint Domingo

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The fact the ref has to watch the reply of the pen multiple times tells you he didn't know who got the touch on the ball so he should be sticking with his original decision of a pen.

Must be a clear and obvious error to overturn the infield decision. That wasn’t. That was Moss looking for a way out of us getting a penalty and Kavanaugh only too willing to take the opportunity.


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Biggest positive from the game is the liability Holgate cannot be selected for 3 games. Other than that was a much better performance than last few games.
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